The Top 10 Things to Do in Sydney

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Christmas in Australia: what is it and where can I get one?

Traditions can be cozy, cute and somewhat sentimental...but do you ever long for a little change of scenery? Wouldn’t it be nice to escape the tired old compulsory Christmas lunch with your extended relatives? Put the ‘holiday’ back in your holiday season this year by treating yourself and your family to a luxurious Australian getaway!

We do Christmas a little differently over here

‘Different’ can be delightful, and we’re sure you’ll find yourself drenched in fun when you fly away for the holidays to Australia!

Dreaming of a white (sandy) Christmas: get festive in Australia

Did you look at the calendar today and scream internally when you noticed that we’re already halfway through November? You know what that means, don’t you...Christmas is coming. 

What if there was another way? A Christmas that didn’t involve being surrounded by awkward interaction with extended relatives, overly-excited children that don’t belong to you, and all that blasted ice and snow? While the majority of the world shivers its merry way through their classic ‘white Christmas’, you could be soaking up sunny rays in any of Australia’s sandy bays! 

7 Rooftop Bars in Brisbane to Ascend to this Summer

Join every office worker ever in rejoicing for the fast-approaching summer. We don’t care which country you come from: Australia is looking sunny for these Christmas holidays, and what better way to celebrate a full-on year than with the most luxurious bar hopping you’ve ever done in your life. We are talking about the famous rooftop bars of Brisbane, and here are a few of the best:

Soleil Pool Bar

4 misconceptions about vacation rentals (Part 1)

It’s time for a good old-fashioned debunking session! We each have entitlement to our own opinions, but if someone is warding you away from your opportunity to indulge in a luxurious holiday rental – you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

Sure, not all rentals were created equal. Occasionally you’ll hear the odd drama here and there, but at L’Abode we pride ourselves on avoiding drama and ensuring your holiday goes even better than you’d planned it! You’ve come to Australia to escape the drama, not experience more!

How to live like the locals

Australia: a land of geographical gems, ‘work hard play hard’, gorgeously tanned surfers drinking quality coffee at Hungarian cafes, and tourists wandering the beaches sunburned, sand-drenched and smiling as they enjoy the best holiday of their lives

Once you get here, you’ll instantly want to integrate. Slipping into the life of the locals is easier in Australia than any other country in the world: we are a diverse bunch and, as long as you can take a joke, we are all going to get along just fine! 

When is it ok to be in your PJ's at 3pm

If you’ve ever towed the family along for a destination vacation, you’ll know that these can often prove to pack more stress and drama than a week at the office! 

The mess intensifies if you decide to let it play out in a hotel building. 

The many perks of a destination wedding

What’s not to love about a destination wedding? Guests enjoy a guilt-free vacation with everything from accommodations to itineraries left up to the bride and groom; all that’s left to do is show up in paradise.

All is well until the bride and groom realize that a great challenge lies before them: a search for the perfect accommodation arrangements to comfortably house their friends and family. This can be a daunting task, especially if you plan to lodge everyone in separate hotels and motels dotted all over town.

Corporate team building abroad: the where and why

If you’ve noticed everyone is itching to get out of the office, it might be time to plan a little getaway with the group.

10 things that will make you LOVE Sydney

Tossing up where to travel too? Need a little convincing that Sydney should be chosen destination? Read on….