Reasons To Turn Your Property Into A Holiday Home Or Executive Apartment

Deciding to rent out your home to a bunch of strangers may not delight you despite the money it brings in. Unfortunately, leaving the property empty and ill maintained is likely to cost you even more. The best way to make amends would be to opt for short term rentals wherein the guests do not get to wreck the place dismaying you in the process.

Is Your Home Guest Ready? Check With Airbnb Management Services Australia!

Hosting guests can be pleasant indeed. It enables you to showcase your home and delight the visitors with your ready smile and witty conversation. Entertaining them is sure to be a ‘must do’ activity that gets you all hot and bothered. Fortunately, you can do all of these and more without turning a hair when you have the opportunity of renting out your home albeit for a short period courtesy the top Airbnb management Brisbane.                       

A Convenient Way To Find Short Term Tenants For Your Property

People who own property but are unable to stay in that property often think of ways to monetize their property. It is not always convenient to let the property out on rent for an extended period because they wish to go and stay in that property once in a while. The way out in such situations is to hand over their property to a good airbnb property management Brisbane company who can line up short term tenants who are looking for a furnished place to stay for a few days.

BIG NEWS: Strata building by-laws short-stay letting, declared ‘invalid’ by Fair Trading NSW

Fair Trading NSW announced in a recent statement that all by-laws restricting Airbnb and other short-stay letting in apartment blocks are invalid.

“Section 139 (2) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 states that no by-law can prohibit or restrict the devolution of a lot or a transfer, lease, mortgage or other dealing relating to a lot,” according to Fair Trading NSW.

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