Tips For Checking The Cleaning Facilities In Vacation And Airbnb Rentals
3rd February 2020

If you are renting your property through Airbnb, then you have to check the cleaning amenities before the arrival of your guests. Thus before posting a listing of your property as a Sydney accommodation Airbnb you should create checklists for a proper cleaning solution. The checklists are:


The bathroom, floor tiles, shower, and sink should be sanitized and scrubbed during and between the stay or check-ins. Toilet, under the rim of the commode, and the doors should be sanitized and cleaned also. Do not forget to clean the mirrors so that the guests can see their reflection crystal clear. Always go for the plugin fragrances n place of scented candles. Always restock the toilet paper.


The bedrooms of luxury accommodation Australia always have clean duvet and sheets. A proper vacuum should be done even under the beds. Replace the drawer liners if they are damaged or torn. The closets also need to be clean and vacuumed. You can keep a half-opened box of baking soda can also keep a closet clean.


The sink should be cleaned with a bleach product. Faucets and knobs should always shine and be polished. Remember to pour white vinegar and baking soda through the channels of garbage disposals. Wipe and sanitize the counters, counter rims and the window sills. The tiles can be cleaned by rubbing baking soda with a toothbrush. The hood, inside and top of the stove should be cleaned with a grease-cutting agent. Sanitize the floor with a mop along with a scented and disinfectant floor cleaner.

Common Spaces And Living Rooms

Living rooms, dining areas, and dens should be cleaned with a mop between the visits of the guests. Cleaning and dusting of furniture, television, glass cupboards and many more should be cleaned with a glass cleaner. Make sure that all the lights are in working condition and add dust lampshades to protect them from dirt and dust. Heater and air vents should be cleaned and vacuumed too.

Once the cleaning is done, do not forget to walk down the home thoroughly. Scrutinize every corner as if you are a guest and you are looking at the rental for the first time. As happy customers are the secret of the best ratings afterward! Make sure every point should be done before you open your door to your guests.

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