Table For One?
28th June 2019

Do you have a teeny tiny investment property or living space that you’d like to style with a little more edge? The thing is, having limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the possibility of a trendy space. Some tips from the experts below on how to make it look larger and cooler at the same time.

Bare Essentials

Do you have an empty corner or a bare wall? Perfect. That’s a prime spot for a cozy nook or a little dining space to entertain. Whether you turn yours into a book-case to sit perch with a cup of tea, or perhaps an intimate dining alcove to share with your friend or partner. A seperate space give the same instant dimension.Symmetry with matching chairs and pillows will give the corner a distinctive look & subtle hints of colour will keep a bland space from being boring.

Note To Shelf

Nothing beats the versatility of a shelf, mirror, and framed print trio. The combo works not only as a getting-ready area but also as an instant foyer. You can try pairing of rustic shelving and a refined mirror to amplify the space and give the room height. Shelves also allow more space down low for essentials and your more precious bespoke items can sit above.

Keep Lounging Simple

Limited space means busy prints wont work! Think a basic colour palette and contrast the pillows and throws with the lounge. Think neutral beige and grey with a pop of pink or yellow. Also simple, elegant and non-bulky furniture is best to maintain the illusion of less clutter - less is more! If you have a view, make sure you arrange a small seating area by the window for a more relaxed vibe.