Moving to Australia? Taste the Aussie life with L’Abode!
7th April 2017

Considering a change of scenery? Could the phrase ‘moving to Australia’ be found in your recent search history? Why wouldn’t you want to move here – Australia is fantastic!

If you’d like to take our fair country for a ‘test drive’ then there’s no better way to experience Australia than by living here for a month or two. We can help you there. L’Abode offers a wonderfully wide range of holiday housing; from beautiful penthouse suites to cozy family homes in the ‘burbs’. Whatever your lifestyle preference, we’ve got the accommodation to accommodate it. Call it a holiday, call it a trial...whatever you want to call it, it’s a smart way to pick your favorite city, suburb and (potentially) street.

You can pick a place to call your temporary home and immerse yourself in the surrounds. Find a favorite cafe, take a regular walk or run each evening, and make a friend or two in your neighbours. Living in an Australian home – as opposed to a hotel – will give you the full and authentic Aussie experience.


Pick a city to call your own

We have holiday accommodation homes available to you in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Each of these cities holds its own special personality, which we touched on in a few of our previous blogs. For example: Sydney is buzzing with business and a spirit of progression, while Melbourne is the proud ‘cultural capital’ of Australia with its awe-inspiring artworks and damn good coffee – if we do say so ourselves.


Moving on up!

Australia is also a land of opportunity if you’re looking to embrace a new career path. There’s plenty of short term work to be found here that you might wish to try while you stay here temporarily. Our beautiful homes can house you comfortably while you try the contractor’s life in Australia.


Accommodation for your job interview in Australia

If you have a job interview over here and you’re travelling from far abroad, then why not make the most of the trip? Settle down in one of our beautiful homes for a week and get to know the commute! It certainly takes a heap of stress off the interview if you’ve had a chance to ‘scope out’ where it is.


All work or all play

Of course, Australia isn’t all work and no play. Folks move or holiday here because they enjoy our famed ‘laid back lifestyle’. Many of our homes cater to the holiday spirit, so if you’d like to indulge in your ‘taste of Australia’ stay, then pick yourself a beach-side home with a pool, spa, outdoor entertaining area, or all of the above!