Importance of stringent cleaning standards for short term rentals in 2021
12th February 2021

Restoring the confidence of guests and germaphobes will  be key, in gaining trust in guests booking private holiday rental properties over hotel-stays for the year ahead; Safety and cleanliness will continue to be top of mind for travelers, driving a preference for private, entire homes over crowded hotels.

While cleanliness has always been one of the most important priorities for any short-term rental host, now more than ever, it’s become imperative that this message is clearly communicated to potential guests. Data shows that guests are actively seeking places with high cleanliness reviews and are cautious to book places where such standard is not clearly shown regardless of their pricing or any discounts offered. Airbnb has recently introduced a new enhanced cleaning protocol and hosts who follow get the special call-out badge. 

Introducing touchless tech into homes will inspire traveler confidence; Smart home products such as Google Nest, Google Assistant and Alexa may have been considered novelties in short-term rentals and apartments a few years ago but now they will be sought-after features that guests look for within their holiday rental.

Traveller sensitivity to the setup of short-term rental properties, including cleaning guidelines, sanitation, smoke alarms and HVAC systems, will be heightened as property managers Covid-proof homes. Minimising the spread of viruses is emerging in high-end homes, with measures such as antimicrobial kitchen work surfaces, self-contained entrance halls and touch-free fridges, and this will filter down to the mainstream.

Such is the blurring of the lines between hotels and short-term rentals, property managers will merge into hospitality providers to deliver a complete guest experience and provide operational technology as travellers “cross shop” between the two asset classes.

Here at L’abode Accommodation, we have used this opportunity to continue to adopt new programs and tools to drive more predictive property care and accommodate the demands of the modern guest persona. Our health and safety protocols become more professionalised and standardised.

What are the predictions for 2021?

  • Work from home [WFH] will shift to work from anywhere [WFA] as we continue to see the rise in longer stays and “workcations” 

  • Contactless technology will become second nature; and a highly sought after feature within home stays; and cleanliness will be a key factor that will be at the forefront of travellers minds when arriving at their holiday rental.

  • Travellers will continue to choose to book short-term rentals over hotels so that they can avoid busy hotel lobbies and hallways, and instead enjoy the privacy of a home with space, and self-check in facilities. 

  • Tourists will continue to opt for local staycations; which will have a positive impact on the short term rental market and domestic travel industry.


Amy Beck

New Business Manager - L’abode Accommodation