Does your home stand out from the crowd?
20th April 2020


As a host or home-owner, you want your guests to feel as comfortable as possible in
your home while maximising your return on investment. At L’Abode we relish in the
idea that the home is an experience for the guest which is why we are so passionate
about attention to detail and providing a custom experience for each and every

Comfort: Home-away-from-home feels

Some things that set apart our properties from traditional hotels is space and
comfort. It’s important that your home feels fresh, whilst also giving a sense that it’s
been lived in to add personality. L’Abode maintain a high level of attention to detail
with our luxury amenities, thousand thread count linens and plush towels.

A useful tip is to use colour notes and textures on a neutral basis. Neutral walls
are a great blank canvas for your colourful, more personal touches, and there’s
no chance of them putting any guests off.

In apartments consider, using reflective surfaces like mirrors that make the room feel
much larger.

Decorative elements such as cushions, candles & books can make the space feel
more lived in, and also adds pops of colour.  A rug can be also a great statement in
any living space, complementing other furnishings while adding a layer of comfort –
boldly patterned rugs are also an easy way to enhance a room’s style. 

L’Abode can help with this so that your home is completely ready and up to
scratch to maximise your ROI.

These techniques will decorate and warm the space, and also give the feeling of a
bigger dimension. Your personal items can help tell your ‘story’, allow your guests to
see where you have travelled, what art you enjoy or perhaps what books you read.

Local Experiences

Guests often choose a home rental for a more authentic experience in their
destination of choice. When designing your home, make it an exciting place which
offers insight into the surrounding area. Each room should be an area to explore. 
From local delicacies to relevant pieces of art or books, be sure to include items
you wouldn’t find in a hotel room!

Rookie Errors

If you go in with the right expectations about what you want to achieve from it and
what you are required to put in, your Airbnb host experience will be a positive one.
We see hosts who want to make money from their home but will promote poorly
produced pictures of their home. 

The key to successful Airbnb-ing is to present your home in a way that is truly putting
your best foot forward. L’Abode are highly skilled in helping you do this and our

team are skilled in adapting your home or investment property to fit our collections in
the most attractive and marketable way.

Do property management companies go beyond cleaning and making beds?

Many do not but L’Abode pride themselves on ensuring the highest level of pristine
cleaning processes before and after stays. The goal is for your guests to relax and
unwind in a space free of clutter and a place that doesn’t feel lived in. Fresh sheets,
clean towels and thoroughly disinfected surfaces throughout are a standard for us.

Reach out to our team to learn more…