Advantages of Renting Out Your Second Property for Short Term
10th April 2019

Remember how happy you were when you bought your second property? In your mind, it signalled that you had arrived, and could now afford to buy as well as maintain not one, but two pieces of property. But then you gradually realized that you could stay only in one of those two properties at any one time. The other property was kept under lock and key, and slowly disintegrating without giving you any income in return. You were also not confident of renting it out because you thought you might want to go stay in it once in a while.

If the above scenario sounds very familiar to you, then you should immediately opt for host management Sydney for your second property. They would help you find a short term tenant who would stay at your property for a few days or a couple of weeks at most. Your property would be taken on rent by people who are coming to that city for a specific requirement, like a job interview, some examinations, a month-long training, or just to visit for a few days. Your property might also be used as holiday apartments in Sydney. All this would have several advantages for you. Let us look at a few of them.

  • You are under no long term obligation to provide your house. The regular rentals are usually for a period of 1 year, or even 3 to 5 years. But here your property would be occupied for a much shorter duration, so you too can stay there when you want.
  • If you hand over your property to a company that does short term property management, Brisbane, then you can continue to monetize your property without having to go through any of the attendant hassles
  • The kind of people who would rent your property for short term would not be people who would be likely to destroy or damage your property. Even if they do, the transaction would have been routed through the company doing your short term property management Sydney and so you would not be under any risk.

The duration of renting your property is completely dependent on you. Say you want to spend 2 months in summer at your own house, then you simply have to take off the listing. In a traditional rental arrangement