17th June 2019

Wondering how to refresh your home in simple ways? Its tough to know where to begin. We can’t all be interior designers however following some simple guidelines will promise your home a beautiful little facelift and maximise its value for holiday letting.

ARE YOU IN THE MOOD?:- Try to keep colours simple and limit 2-3 colours maximum - then stick to that pallet throughout. Need to visualise your ideas more clearly? It might be time to create your own mood board. There are now apps and sites where you can create this digitally or if you’re feeling a little more creative get stuck into your next Vogue living for inspiration. Pair with paint swatches that catch your eye. You will be amazed with what you can come up with when the creative juices start flowing!

ARTWORKS THAT SAY SOMETHING:- Key pieces of art make a clear statement about your style. Don’t let your walls go bare but also be mindful not to over-do it! It might be a print, a beautiful framed photo or might be minimalist and match your colour palette throughout.

PATTERNS AND TEXTURES:- Mix it up a little are pair odd textures and patterns. The two must compliment each other. The best way to do this is mix up your core colour palette and make sure one is bold and the other more minimalist or simplistic. This will mean you wont over-do or clash your pat- terns! The key is balance,

GREENERY:- Greenery is life! A subtle indoor plant strategically placed can transform a space com- pletely. If your colour palette is quite neutral, a pop of green can be just what the space needs!

IN STYLE:- Styling is tricky but stick to this simple rule. Accessories arranged in groups of 3 or 5 arranged on side tables etc will almost always work. Different heights and textures also helps make the space look more appealing.
FUN:- Bathrooms are tricky! Adding lush, luxurious towels and small unique decor & details give the space personality.