5 Simple Tips To Style Your Home Right
11th June 2019
Tips To Style Your Home Right

Need a hand styling your home but don’t know where to begin? Some people have that natural flair & others find it more difficult. Luckily, we have out top 5 hot tips to keep the process simple and make your home into the Pinterest-worthy, vogue living sanctuary you deserve it to be!

1. Bedroom = Happy Place- The key to making your bedroom space feel luxurious and hotel-like is simple when using crisp white linens and plump bedding and pillows. Layering in two or three of the same accent pillows in front, which is easy to change seasonally. Using a duvet or comforter in a solid block colour teamed with co-ordinated pillows and a pop of colour throughout will help keep the look fresh.

2. Makes Scents- Never underestimate a yummy candle. Don’t go cheap when it comes to this, expensive candles will last longer, be better for you and will actually fragrance your home long term. If done right, they will create a warm and inviting vibe.

3. Mirror on the wall- Be strategic with where you place your mirrors. Even though they seem like they fit a space on the wall you can actually amplify light in a room opposing sources of light. For example : If you strategically hang a series of mirrors opposite a window, you can reflect the incoming light to brighten your space!

4. Don’t forget the lights- Have you considered dimmers? Sometimes one setting just doesn’t cut it! Also, a couple of well place lamps throughout the space give you the chance to choose your ambience and also subtly decorate the space.

5. Texture Time- Don’t be afraid of intense textures. If paired with neutral tones that contrast well, it can be the pop of interest that you need! For instance, you can add textured pillows and a fur throw to create an inviting space amongst standard block colours.