5 Benefits of Listing with L’Abode
4th March 2019

The days when one used to look for long term tenants for our properties are long gone. With the advent of Airbnb and other similar services, people are looking to rent out their properties for a day or two, or a week maybe, to people who are visiting for specific reasons like job interviews or short vacations and do not plan to stay forever.

There are people who are looking for luxury accommodation Australia and also people on a budget who are looking to shack up at a reasonably priced place for their vacation with friends. There are people who wouldn’t be staying for too long or even spending a large part of the day at the property, but are here to join a new job or for a job interview or to sit for an examination. Such people will always look for reasonably priced and suitably located properties for short term hire instead of spending more money on hotel rooms where they will hardly spend any time.

If you are targeting such travellers for your property in any part of Australia, but do not know how to manage your Airbnb listing yourself, there are companies who would do your Airbnb property management Sydney for you. For a charge, they would handle every aspect of your property’s Airbnb listing, starting from designing the listing too. Let us look at a few benefits of using the services of a good property management company like L’Adobe.

1.    You can be assured of a professionally designed listing on Airbnb, without having to do a thing yourself.

2.    You do not need to physically stay in the same city as your property. Good property management companies like have representatives and offices in all cities of Australia, and you can work remotely with them.

3.    When you list with Airbnb you are not only accessing prospective clients of your city, but across the country. A client from Adelaide could see your Sydney accommodation airbnb.

4.    Minor repairs, replacements, and additions to your property would be carried out by them after duly notifying you, and you wouldn’t need to come down yourself for every little thing.

5.    All necessary paperwork as well as vetting of prospective clients would be done by them. You can either fly down for a half a day for the final signatures, or you can provide the power of attorney to the airbnb property management Brisbane company.