• Our Story

Straight off the family sheep farm on the Kiwi Isle I landed in Sydney sans gumboots and to a lack of short term fully furnished accommodation. Complaining about said predicament over a glass of Pinot led to an ‘Interesting Idea’ presenting itself: If only people were willing to rent out their homes while they went away on holidays! Extra travel dollars for them, unique alternatives to a hotel and a genuine local experience for travellers like myself!

Minus a car and laptop the whole growing a business idea was going to be a little problematic. L’Abode was born on my bedroom floor with the support of a GoGet car and a part-time job to pay the bills. I started with a handful of owners who agreed with me about my ‘Interesting Idea’ (kudos to them!) and the whole thing started to gain legs. L’Abode soon became a team of two (me and my long-standing marketing guru) and L’Abode’s collection of properties quickly doubled. Then tripled. L’Abode’s rapid expansion resulted in my landlord terminating the lease on my apartment due to ‘highly suspicious’ key drop-offs. And thus it appeared, the need for an office and more staff was imminent!

From its humble Sydney beginnings L’Abode now boasts a fast-growing collection of bespoke properties Australia wide. With spaces ranging from quirky inner city lofts to luxurious estates in stunning destinations, L’Abode offers the 5 star luxuries of a hotel with the freedom, space and comfort of a real home. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our collection.