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What We do

L'Abode Accommodation specialises in short and long-term fully furnished accommodation. Our priority is to manage your property like it’s our own and to ensure our guests feel like they’re staying at a home away from home..

With over 25 years of experience collectively, we’re able to offer an end to end management service for any type of situation. Whether you have an investment property you’re looking to rent out year-round, or you’re looking to rent out your home for a few months a year, we’ve got you covered. Our priority is to ensure your property meets its full potential. Whether it’s a soft uplift or full furniture package, we partner with some of Australia’s leading interior designers who would love the opportunity to work with you.

We understand the importance of high rates and occupancy to generate the best returns for you. We utilise various applications and data sources to ensure your property is priced accurately, based on peaks and drops in demand within the market.

We take all the stress out of renting your property, by managing guests from the moment they enquire to the day they check out. We are available 24/7 and pride ourselves in quick, personal and professional communication to ensure a five-star stay.

We look forward to working with you!

Property management

Collectively we have over 25 years experience in property management and offer and end to end management service. Whether you only rent your house out during the school holidays or we are managing your investment property we can offer you a management solution

Property Styling

We partner very closely with experts in the industry that can transfer your space from lacklustre to luxury high end accommodation. Whether it’s a soft uplift or full furniture package, we can put you in touch with the right designer.

24/7 Guest Services

We manage all your guests from the moment they enquire to the moment they check out. We pride ourselves on quick, personal and professional communication to ensure a 5 star stay.

Revenue Management

We understand the importance of keeping rates and occupancy as high as possible to generate the best returns for you. We utilise various applications and data sources to ensure your property is prices accurately based on peaks and drops in demand.

How It All Began

Straight off the family sheep farm on the Kiwi Isle I landed in Sydney sans gumboots and to a lack of short term fully furnished accommodation. Complaining about said predicament over a glass of Pinot led to an ‘Interesting Idea’ presenting itself: If only people were willing to rent out their homes while they went away on holidays! Extra travel dollars for them, unique alternatives to a hotel and a genuine local experience for travellers like myself!

Minus a car and laptop the whole growing a business idea was going to be a little problematic. L’Abode was born on my bedroom floor with the support of a GoGet car and a part-time job to pay the bills. I started with a handful of owners who agreed with me about my ‘Interesting Idea’ (kudos to them!) and the whole thing started to gain legs. L’Abode soon became a team of two (me and my long-standing marketing guru) and L’Abode’s collection of properties quickly doubled. Then tripled. L’Abode’s rapid expansion resulted in my landlord terminating the lease on my apartment due to ‘highly suspicious’ key drop-offs. And thus it appeared, the need for an office and more staff was imminent!

From its humble Sydney beginnings L’Abode now boasts a fast-growing collection of bespoke properties Australia wide. With spaces ranging from quirky inner city lofts to luxurious estates in stunning destinations, L’Abode offers the 5 star luxuries of a hotel with the freedom, space and comfort of a real home. 

We look forward to welcoming you into our collection.

Meet Our Team

Intrepid and solicitous mother of two, Lisa is the heartbeat of L’Abode. After building L’Abode from the ground up, Lisa is now a property management expert, with over 13 years of experience delivering an excellent service to property owners and esteemed guests.

When not obsessing over her properties, guests and team, Lisa will probably be holidaying with her family, getting back to nature or sampling some great food and wine!
Driven by a true passion for local experiences, L’Abode was born in Lisa’s bedroom, from her own genuine need for short term, fully furnished accommodation, after arriving from New Zealand.

L’Abode has grown into a fully fledged business, but Lisa’s passion remains. The L’Abode team has been built on a foundation of honesty, and feels like a family who Lisa has the pleasure to empower and develop.

Lisa’s heart is at the centre of everything she does, and as the business has grown, so has her opportunity to give back to the community. Her standout vision is to contribute a smile to the underprivileged, and to make a difference. L’Abode gives back to local charities and invests profits to help provide for the homeless. The core values of honesty, taking independent action and providing the best customer experiences sets L’Abode apart. 

Lisa Peterson
Founder & Director

Jet-setting glamorous mum of 2 with a passion for exquisite experiences.An avid traveller, Georgia surrounds herself with the wonders of the globe.
Whether viewing the cherry blossoms in Japan, or whale watching closer to home, her love of experiences drives her to ensure guests are delighted with the most memorable of vacations.
After over 5 years at L’Abode, Georgia knows how to go above and beyond to deliver excellence in a constantly evolving industry. Alongside Lisa, Georgia steers the L’Abode ship. She is one half of the power house that tag teams running a successful business with having babies! You’ll find her obsessing over quality, overseeing the daily operations that ensure all of our property owners and our guests have an exquisite experience.

Ever discerning, Georgia speaks to all of our guests to ensure they are the best possible fit for our homes, and she ensures they have an outstanding stay when welcoming guests to our amazing properties. For Georgia, Nothing is too much to ask! 

Georgia McAleer
Business General Manager

Culture obsessed international jet-setter. Grateful for a childhood spent exploring with her family, her mixed French and Malaysian heritage has given Amelie the chance to travel the world - something for which she is incredibly thankful.
After being awarded a Bachelor in International Studies, she knew travel was the right sector for her. Honing her skills at Amex Centurion, Amelie knows exactly how to deliver luxury. As a touch point for our property owners, Amelie brings a sense of calm and purpose when organising property photo shoots, bringing the glamour and professionalism she is known for.
With a keen eye for detail, she enjoys inspecting our homes, to make sure they deliver the best experiences we can offer for guests. A total ‘people person’ she brings exemplary customer service to every interaction. 

Amelie Coquet
New business & Owner Relations Manager

Art appreciating, well travelled foodie. Vanessa is a true explorer at heart. From moving around the world in a varied hotel management career, to exploring the culinary delights of Sydney, she is always in search of the most delicious eats in a city. Failing that, she is an avid swimmer, and knows the best secret spots in the city. Boasting a wealth of hospitality experience, from real estate to housing guests of the Olympic Games, you couldn’t find someone with more understanding of accommodation. At L’Abode, Vanessa will be looking after our property owners, providing exemplary service and ensuring our homes are listed in an exquisite fashion.

Vanessa Lenehan
Owner Relations Manager & New locations headhunter

Now proud to call Australia her home, Mollie moved from the UK at 16. She experienced a quintessentially English upbringing, in an idyllic countryside town, giving her a unique sense of style and character.  With extensive experience in the travel industry, she honed her skills, becoming an expert in achieving customer satisfaction and matchmaking. This makes Mollie perfect on the reservation team, ensuring the right guests are in the right property.  As Head of Reservations, Mollie spends time getting to know our discerning guests, creating great and lasting relationships that mean our guests are so thrilled with their vacations they can’t help but rebook again. Guiding guests through our homes, or booking them in, she is knowledgeable and personable, offering a bubbly welcome for your stay.

Mollie Adair
Reservations Manager

A mindful and caring lover of the outdoors, Amy loves to meet new people from all walks of life. Life is full of variety, which Amy loves. Drawn to a career in travel, she has worked across Europe, with some of the most recognised travel brands globally. She is instinctive at providing impeccable service, which is exactly what made her the perfect host for our A listers and Rock stays who stay in L’Abode Properties.
Now heading up owner relations at L’Abode, she is the first person most of our owners will meet, and she has the honour of touring our impeccable properties. Her days are spent fulfilling all of the tasks that create excellence, from adding amenities to properties to giving guided viewings to our guests.

Amy Sharp
Guest Services Manager

Sporty, travel obsessed Kiwi, with a penchant for the finer things. Often found soaking up the sun on Bondi beach, or sampling some of the best coffee in Sydney, Tom moved to Sydney from New Zealand, and wouldn’t look back.
Tom brings his own brand of property finesse to L’Abode. With over 5 years experience in luxury hospitality, and a background in Hotel Management, he has spent his career learning how to service VIP guests such as members of the Royal Family and global politicians. Now turning his experienced, 5-star touch to our portfolio, Tom delivers outstanding support to both our guests and our properties - expertly overseeing the maintenance of our portfolio.
The driving force of home operations, Tom ensures our properties are fabulously ready in anticipation for guest arrival. If there is something required during a stay, he can resolve that with finesse. Every property we look after is in the best of hands, cared for with true dedication.

Tom Sinclair
Investment & Holiday Property Manager

Extremely organised super mum, bubbling with positive energy. A fully fledged dinosaur expert, due to her cute daughter's current obsession, and a family oriented
foodie at heart, you’ll often find Katheryn cooking up a storm. Her family values are evident at L’Abode, as the bubbly, beating-heart of our second family.  With 5 years experience at L’Abode, you’re in the best hands. Our reservations guru, admin wizard, new listings manager and all round fire-fighter, nothing is too much!  Bringing years of previous experience as a corporate reservations specialist, working at L'Abode has helped Kathryn grow in confidence and drive to be the expert in delivering a fantastic holiday experience to our guests.  A master in all things admin, you’ll also likely get through to Kathryn when you call through to our customer service line - a happy, welcoming voice who will be happy to help out (and who loves a chat).

Kathryn Bana
Admin Gun and Reservations Guru

Coffee aficionado and musician extraordinaire, Abbie loves to soak up culture as a book lover and avid movie watcher. A talented guitar-vocalist, she is a true creative spirit.
Usually found on the beach, or enjoying nature, Abbie instills passion and mindfulness to both being a mother to a beautiful daughter, as well as managing the admin and maintenance of L’Abode’s property portfolio.
Abbie is grateful to have stayed with L’Abode Team for almost 5 years now. Inspired by the genuine camaraderie that motivates the team, Abbie is responsible for creating your fabulous property listings - and maintaining quality of properties and guests throughout their tenure with L’Abode. Abbie is based in the Philippines, and has had extensive experience delighting customers through providing customer service. She ensures every property is marketed with the due care it needs, which she gives out in equal measure when reviewing our delightful guests. She has transferred her genuine care to L’Abode, where she strives to charm property managers and guests alike.

Abegail Rivera (Abbie)
New Listing Admin & Maintenance Support

Calm accounts whiz, with a love of great cafes. Most likely to be found socialising in coffee shops, or excelling in the art of online gaming, Rachel keeps busy with friends and hobbies. As the newest member of the team, she fit’s right in, with a can-do attitude that is essential to deliver her amazing service. What might be daunting for some, Rachel handles with efficiency and ease. An often unsung hero, she works on the background system transitions, accounting and enquiries. However, you’ll also hear from her when your check in day is approaching, making sure each guest is all set with verifications and arrival instructions to give them the best possible experience.

Rachel Valmonte
Accounts Assistant

Home obsessed, beach bombshell and wine lover. Based in the Philippines, Glenn is delighted by a beach break, which she enjoys with her family.
When not travelling, she can be found cuddled up with her cats, or enjoying some cosy family time. A fabulous addition to L’Abode, Glenn re-joined our team after some time away, to be part of our close and dedicated family.
She boasts extensive experience in international real estate, and is an asset to our team. Currently assisting with reservation enquiries and all round general admin and guest relations, she is an expert at promoting and securing the best stays for our homes.

Glenn Miles Ballon
Admin Gun & Reservations Guru

Chatty and supportive admin extraordinaire. Ann is a loving mother to her exquisite little boy. They can usually be found outdoors, engaging in a sporty hobby or riding their bikes. Otherwise, she is the person to ask for box set recommendations, as a bit of a Netflix connoisseur. With a dependable nature, and a chatty and friendly personality, Ann found her passion in customer support. An outstanding problem solver, she is the one you need to sail through any situation. At L’Abode she can be found delivering exemplary customer service, as our welcoming first point of contact.

Ann Jahnke
Guest's & Owners Support

Home buddy, loving mom of 2 kids and an avid movie buff. Doreen spends most of her time watching movies or exploring new foods with her family.
Newest member in the team, but with over 10 years experience in food retail industry and management, she's always striving for customer satisfaction by providing excellent service that meets every need you may have! 

Doreen Jahkne
Guest's & Owners Support

DJ embodies the values of L’Abode, as a genuinely honest and caring gent, with a positive, proactive attitude. Organised, dependable perfectionist.
With over 4 years experience managing luxury property rentals, he is a true expert at problem solving for our guests and property owners alike.  Driven by a perfectionist attitude, DJ oversees our housekeeping and guest services, ensuring our experiences are dazzling. He has designed the most thoughtful welcome packs and hampers for guests and new property owners, with more than enough to delight and inspire inside! Organising something behind the scenes, or pitching in front-of-house, DJ is always a beacon of respectfulness and politeness, instilling an air of luxury into the service he provides.

DJ Arana
Housekeeping Support